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Recycling of Aluminum Solid Waste in Diyala Company for Electrical Industries


This research represents a solution for a practical problem that faces most industrial intersperses which produced large quantities of metallic solid wastes as by-products. So the possibility of using these test originated at one of the largest companies in the country (Diyala company for electrical industries) in the reinforcement of some structural sections was evaluated through this research. The results had referred to found that the microstructure of industrial waste , was a needle -shaped particles within the floor of the structure, and therefore that add an element titanium (Ti) leads to a partial modification of the microscopic structure while increasing this component be enough to get the modification process effectively. The results also show that the thermal homogenizing change the shape of the silicon needle or fibrous to spherical shape clearly through the process of homogenizing.

Key Words

Aluminum solid waste , Recycling


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